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Born in Lugano, Roberto Ruspoli completed his high school studies in Rome, at the Liceo Classico E. Q. Visconti and, after graduating, moved to New York to study painting.

There, at the School of Visual Arts, he organized his first painting exhibitions and rubbed shoulders with some of the most influential players on the New York art scene. In particular, he studied with Michael Goldberg, the influential abstract expressionist who, together with Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, took part in the New York School Generation.

Other instructors included the great conceptual artist, Lucio Pozzi and Georgia Marsh, a noted figure in minimalist abstraction. 

This New York experience would have a strong influence on Ruspoli, sparking an interest in the abstract and two-dimensional vision of the figure which he will go on to develop later.

In these years he also had the opportunity to pose for David Seidner, one of the most important fashion photographers of the '80s and' 90s and to meet photographer and collector Manuela Pavesi, fashion editor and coordinator for Prada.

From this immersion into the world of photography Ruspoli would glean an approach to visual semiotics in which the figure is observed and reworked for its totality, in both figurative and plastic languages.

In 1995 an artistic collaboration began with Plinio De Martiis, owner of the historic Tartaruga gallery in the historic center of Rome. There he unveiled his first Italian solo exhibit, curated by Maria Silvia Farci.

Then in 1998 he moved to London to work on commissions for numerous private collections.
In 1999, inaugurating the 2000 Jubilee celebrations, he participated in German choreographer and director Pina Baush’s unforgettable theatrical show "O Dido", a co-production of the Teatro Argentina in Rome where it was performed and the Tanztheater Wuppertal of which Bausch was artistic director.

Other Italian exhibitions followed, curated by Elena Del Drago as well as numerous private engagements. In 2015 he exhibited his drawings in Paris in the Vangelli de Cresci gallery. In 2018 he collaborated with architect Fabrizio Casiraghi for AD intérieurs 2018.

Roberto Ruspoli continues his artistic pictorial research exploring different expressive languages such as ceramics and design. His art is full of contaminations and convergences, guided by a formal instinct and a unique and timeless style that sets it apart. His rich repertoire comprises figures or signs with the metamorphic capacity to merge with matter, sculptures with impressionistic reminiscences or with a gestural brushstroke, strictly two-dimensional and monochromatic, as well as scenographic backdrops or interior design panels.

Ruspoli’s painting is populated with disarming pictorial figures, archetypes from elsewhere announcing neither gender nor nationality yet somehow universally recognizable, even if only discretely referenced. His artistic contemporaneity speaks of a vision that unites in a temporal collapse the visual perception and the collective unconscious with immediate representational spontaneity.

Ruspoli currently lives in Paris where he continues his expressive research and collaborates with noted architects in the realization of pictorial projects.